"Go long blues..."

Hey there, devoted (?) readers,

Check out the new title for the blog, reflecting the change a-brewin' over here on my end. A few changes, actually.

Most salient is the change of location--instead of recounting my exploits from my sublet black hole where one SBM used to sleep, I tell my tall tales from a new apartment, situated a good 2 T stops and 2 ice cream shops away from all those bad memories. (I guess they weren't all bad, but it's really nice to have a firm mattress, intact furniture, and no strangers in my bed. Of course, this came at a blow to my paycheck, which will continue to suffer as I put my remaining funds toward the cause of the birthday weekend of one SLR this weekend.)

Another important change has come with the realization of one of my so-called friends being absolutely and unforgivably two-faced. In all my years and all my experiences, I've managed to avoid (for the most part) befriending brutally insincere people, and I've never felt truly compelled to cut others out of my life. But now, for the first time, I'm imbued with the resolve to really "trim the fat" and spend the time I'd have otherwise wasted on building a friendship with someone unworthy and disrespectful of me and put it towards building more meaningful relationships with others. (As KF might say with satisfaction in response to the torch above, "aww [expletive] yeah!")

The biggest change of all, however, has been with work. The MBA students have returned to campus, and the vibe at HBS has transformed dramatically. I have to plan when I want to eat lunch or go to the gym so that the cafeteria tables and exercise machines aren't totally crowded when I arrive. With 1800 or so MBA students on a campus that is about as large as a private high school in the tri-state area, it can get cozy. If nothing else, though, their presence has inspired me to regain focus. My work commitments have become more substantial, but I'm feeling like I have the energy to stay at the office and work all day--much of this energy has to do with starting a gluten-free diet after being diagnosed with celiac disease about two weeks back.

And now to watch the Federer/Berdych match while writing some old-fashioned epistolary correspondence to people I haven't written since forever ago.