"It's that air mail special on the fly..."

First, I would like to apologize for the cryptic but ostensibly moody and depressed tone of the previous post. While I do like to use writing as an outlet, I realize that late night, slightly inebriated and very emotional but not too interesting posts are not the purpose of this blog. 

Which brings me to the question: what is the current purpose of this blog? I get this question from people pretty often when I tell them about this little piece of internet that I claim as my own. 

Well, it all begins with letters.

(I should disclaim that I've been bad about writing to people since I moved to Boston. I didn't fully unpack my calligraphy, letter-writing, and craft materials because the room was small and I was only there for six weeks, and more importantly because after my traumatic first week in the sublet, I didn't know if there would be more strange Brazilian men, furniture removals, or any other roommate antics that would compromise the integrity of my space and my possessions. I hope to start writing letters again as soon as Monday, when I have a proper desk to work from at home (not the patio table and chair that my roommate has so "kindly" given me to use).)

Anyway, I had a couple things that I enjoyed collecting when I was younger: stamps, lip smackers, stickers, books, Milky and Gelly Roll gel pens. 

Now I collect--or not so much collect as accumulate--recipes, makeup, and pretty notebooks, stationery. I still collect books and I still collect the gel pens for the purpose of writing more colorful notes for myself and others. And as for the makeup, while I've upgraded from lip smackers to NARS, I don't wear terribly much--I figure I should take advantage of my younger years when I don't need so much makeup to look good in public. Still I like playing with it and wearing it on the right occasions. 

But the awakening of the love for letters came a bit late, about midway through my sophomore year at Princeton. In 2010, a Paper Source opened on Nassau Street, and to me it was the most beautiful store on the street (others might argue Lululemon or Ralph Lauren should hold that title. To each her own). One day, I decided to sign up for one of their workshops as a study break. That workshop remains the best $25 or $30 I've ever spent on a class. That evening I learned how to line and cut envelopes, stamp with chalk and dye ink, use a heat embosser, and generally had my eyes opened to the marvel that is paper and the beauty that is fine paper.

After that evening of wonders, I decided that I wanted to start writing letters to people. Writing by hand was and remains a way of showing I care about people in my life. And I don't think I'm reading into it when I say that people who send me letters see it as a means of showing that they care, too, hence why I get so happy to receive letters from others in return for one I've sent. I might argue that I'd rather receive a handwritten letter that says absolutely nothing than a somewhat substantial text message. The exchange of both music and letters (and bunny pictures) is responsible for my friendship with JCG. Letters revived my friendship with elementary-school friend BK, who has written me from New Jersey, Scandinavia, and St. Louis over the past year. 

Call me sentimental about writing, but it's a lost art, especially now when putting hand to keyboard happens more often than putting pen to paper. When people take the time to write to me, it makes me happy. But when the writing comes in a stamped envelope addressed to me, I go over the moon.

Still, I don't receive too many letters despite the effort I put into writing them. I also tend to get a little disappointed when people don't write back, especially since I'm pretty discriminating in selecting the people to whom I write letters. I try not to expect so much from people in general, but I do expect a little more from the people I consider close friends. At any rate, I know that I'm also friends with extraordinarily busy people. Still, it doesn't stop me from getting a little crestfallen that after multiple letters sent to someone, nothing comes back in the mail for me. 

And so I write this blog as a means for the people who care about me and what I'm doing to have access to a piece of my life. While I wish more people would reach for the phone and, even better, the pen and paper, to get in touch with me, at the very least, they can read this. Maybe I'll get lucky and convert a few of the people who are reading this now to writing me a letter. If you want my address, all you have to do is ask, and you can be sure you'll get something sent back in your direction :)