"Forget about the price tag."

A priceless weekend in the Kingdoms of Cambridge and Boston. A brief blog exercise in experiences and lessons:

Friday's events: Went home early after working and then watching the pilot of Game of Thrones. Attended a coworker pub crawl that became a house party.

Friday's lessons: 1. Bombay Sapphire is never my drink, even if it's my best friend's favorite drink and even on the night of the London Olympics Opening Ceremonies. 2. Ivy league frat kids can be fun.

Saturday's events: After recovering from the previous night, rocked Newbury Street, the Pru, and Copley with some delightfully stylish and shopping deal-motivated ladies.

Friday's lessons: 1. Always bring an umbrella. 2. For all the men reading this blog (crickets?), you should go to Scoozi for dinner if you are looking to be served by waitresses in varying lengths of black spandex pants. The caveat is you may never actually get served your food.

Sunday's events: Transformed gigantic campfire marshmallows into a pan of chocolate rice krispie treats.

Sunday's lessons: Saying "I'm working this weekend," is a 95% chance I will never open my laptop.

Ready to grab Monday by the horns and ride it until Friday comes again.