"Tomara que você volte depressa..."

Straight up--I love my coworkers. I love how I come to a birthday party at 7PM on Thursday, depart for a while, and return around 11PM to see a veritable rager going on that held my attention so well that I was angry to be leaving at 2AM. And I love my coworkers even more for betting me to school some random performer at a sketchy Asian-inspired bar on Massachusetts Ave. in a rendition of Cee-Lo Green's "F*** you." Awesome weekend, even if it started on Thursday and I'm still recovering for it as we speak, having already nursed a liter of coconut water today (my go-to cure for all things, but specifically those involving drinking. It's my Windex--cue a "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" reference here.) The theme song of this weekend would be something along the lines of LMFAO's "Shots," but subbing "Scotch" for all appearances of the word "Shots" in the song. Hence, (assume a Lil' Jon voice) "Scotch, Scotch,  Scotch, Scotch, Scotch, Scotch--Everybody!" It doesn't hurt that I was celebrating the departure of the Strange Brazilian Man (SBM) from my room and bed. I gave that event the respect it deserved, y'all. 

Alas, it's time to get down to business--my faculty member has returned to campus and I am going to be punching the clock/eating the watch until I have a full draft of the case I'm working on. I have most of the relevant information and could probably write the thing here and now, but I need the meeting with my professor to get a sense of his intended teaching angle on the case. The teaching angle is the framing device for the whole case, so it's critical I have a sense of that rather than write something in accordance with my wolf's instinct and then go all slash and burn on it if it's not totally right. The fun begins at a 3:15PM meeting. Until then, I'm trying to imbibe caffeine and make the best of taking notes on a PC (sigh--I'm far more accustomed to the layout and feel of typing on my Macbook--after all, I wrote my entire thesis on it, my dear Vergil II).

Returning to the theme of coworker love, I'm probably going to send out an email to the list asking if anyone wants to join me at Paper Source in Downtown Boston on Thursday for a stationery workshop. I remember the first time I ever got crazy about that store was at a time similar to this one, about 3 years back--stressed about a paper and needing an evening study break. The rest is history with regard to establishing a firm loyalty to Paper Source and developing a love for paper crafts. Maybe I can get a few of the ladies and men who are comfortable with their masculinity in on the games. Especially if I've finished drafting my case by Thursday night, I will be going to the Pour House on Boylston for sweet potato 'tots.

In the meantime, I'm going to listen to Luisa Maita on Spotify and try to pretend the recordings are half as good as the performance I saw on Saturday and pretend the pad thai I had last night with some dearly beloved IFC friends were sitting in front of me for lunch today. The imaginings that will get me through Monday and then some.