"I hope you don't mind what I put down in words."

Within the last month, I took a leap of faith in starting my little food business, which, based on a killer conversation today combined with locating gluten-free commercial kitchen space this week, might soon be selling products at a truly beloved caffeine-house and artistic hangout, Voltage in Kendall Square! (GLOOOOORIOUS!)

I also took another leap of faith --I decided to dust off the dream of getting my MBA. It was a dream that I abandoned two years ago after being rejected from the program I wanted to attend at the time.

In spite of the past, in spite of my own voice and other voices telling me I wasn't ready, wasn't good enough, wasn't qualified, and whatever else, today I submitted my first application, with two more to go in the next two weeks.

Below is a link to the optional essay, my response to the application's request to "tell us anything else you would like us to know, in any form." Sometimes, music says the things I have trouble expressing in other forms, so I figured I'd sing something. If you've heard me sing this song before, I hope I don't bore you too much!


If you have an iPad, full-screen it and flip it vertically, otherwise it looks a little silly. Though hopefully not too silly for Admissions--or just silly enough to get me an interview :)

Have a wonderful weekend!