Laowai in Shanghai (II): Into the Fire(wall)

我特别高兴从上海给你们写我的blog (虽然是从别的域名-可能你们已经预料了我不会从中国登录我的美国的blog)!
Hi all!
I’m pleased to be writing from Shanghai, even if it is from a different blog domain (as you might have guessed, my google-hosted blogspot mysteriously lost connection when I tried to access it, if you know what I mean)!
According to the news over here, I had missed a partial blackout in the city by about 24 hours (it happened Wednesday evening and I got here on Thursday afternoon). I’m told it affected Line 2, which was the subway line I used to get to my hotel from the airport. Glad I was a day late, or I would have spent more time than just 18 stops’ worth riding the sweatbox that was the Metro!
I woke up at 4AM this morning in part because I was experiencing some jet lag and in part because I’m just so excited to have made it to Shanghai. Now it’s a little past 6AM and since I’m already up, and so is the city. Time to begin my first full day of adventures!
See you later!