"Never going back again": 2013, Resolved

This time, last year, I had three resolutions for the new year.

1. Write a senior thesis I'm proud of. (Finishing thesis also critical to the achievement of the next resolution)
2. Graduate college.
3. Get a job.

I submitted my senior thesis on April 11 (and made some bank on it on June 4), graduated on June 5, and got my job offer at HBS on June 25. 2012 could have ended by July and I could have called it a success.

So what did I do with the rest of 2012? Not much. Needless to say, coming to Boston was a huge adjustment, and dealing with the whole "your body is allergic to everything you are good at cooking and enjoy eating" situation made for an entire reorientation of my lifestyle. I guess I needed that time to figure things out, sure, but I wish I'd pushed myself a little bit more, but not the way I did in 2010 and 2011. Those years, as I recall, I had resolutions that were too abstract and too ambitious, especially on a college timetable. So I guess I went in the total opposite direction in 2012: achieving three very attainable, concrete goals and then not taking steps to strive for anything else. I could have challenged myself a little bit more last year, and in challenging myself, maybe could have prevented some of the silly heartaches and headaches that ensued from not being a little bit hellbent on some personal mission.

I did try in a previous post around the Jewish New Year to do some resolutions, and while those were good, life threw a few monkey wrenches into some of those plans. I did manage to work a few of the resolutions, but others I had to give up, especially the half-marathon one (I started suffering heel pain again) and the one about getting on a schedule at work (It's just not possible. I deal with people on an opposite time zone and my professor doesn't believe in having a schedule for himself, so I can't work for him and be on one).

This morning I had the pleasure of collaborating with TFC on a list of resolutions, and over the course of a near-two-hour Skype call, we reached a lucky thirteen resolutions in total. I'll share a few of mine here:

1. Read the WSJ and NYT headlines at least 4 days a week and substitute silly morning news-watching for something more business-oriented (ex: Squawk Box, Morning Joe, etc.)
Especially as my professor starts teaching the MBAs at the end of January, it's more important than ever for me to keep abreast of important political and economic issues, especially with respect to China and the United States.

4. Get out of the United States (definitely to China, and ideally to one new place, too. I'm banking on London at the moment).
I can't believe that the most interesting place I traveled to in 2012 was California. Mind you, my trip to Cali was one of the best weeks of my life, and I need to go back there for work or school or something else. But as someone who prides herself on international interests and perspective, that's kind of embarrassing.

6. Submit three pieces of writing for publication
TFC has always been really encouraging about me writing. And since his suggestions for places I could submit some original work were so awesome, I can't help but have a writing-oriented goal on the list. First off: NYT Modern Love.

9. Figure out my next career step and academic step for when I leave HBS as a Research Associate in July 2014
Especially in light of my last post, this is something I need to deeply consider this year. What do I really like to do? Who is my role model? Where do I want to be and what steps do I take to get there? Fun yet anxiety-inducing questions, but certainly questions I need to reckon with this year.

12. Learn to box
I've had a weird interest in boxing since 'Million Dollar Baby' came out and always saw it as something I might like. Not to mention, I can't think of a better way for someone like me to let out anger and frustration (that doesn't involve imbibing) than boxing. 

13. Check progress on these resolutions at the beginning of the month
Clutch. Absolutely clutch.

Those you who read this bully pulpit regularly, I hope you'll be there to see (or read) me making these happen. Until then, I wish you all the best in the new year and hope we can share in some of the joy together.

See you in 2013.