"Ordem e progresso"

This weekend was a weekend with much ado about the future, which isn't really the future because it's only 2 months away.

Before break, I met with Susana Draper and she agreed to be my thesis adviser. Success! The catch? She's on leave next fall. So today, I'm meeting with my professor from POR 304: The Invention of Brazil, Pedro Meira Monteiro, to discuss his potential interest in advising me over the course of the fall semester until Susana returns in January 2012. Pedro would be good at dealing with the theme of national imagination, which Susana cleverly brought up in our meeting together, which will unite well the literary-political-social cores of the thesis. I'm hoping to have Pedro sign on, since Professor Bruno Carvalho, who was my professor for POR 208 and POR 319, as well as my First JP Adviser, will be on leave the entire year. He would have been be the obvious choice to co-advise my thesis given his focus on urban studies in Rio, not to mention the fact that I've pretty much been working with him constantly, in one way or another, for the past three semesters.

Last night, I submitted my thesis funding report to go to each Beijing and Rio de Janeiro for three weeks to do on-ground interviews surveying the effect of the Olympics on individual citizens, the urban environments, and the countries as a whole. It was very difficult trying to itemize a budget for a trip that still feels very far away for a project that is not completely formed. Was I supposed to show an itinerary for which museums or which architectural Olympic sites I plan to see on which day? I hope not! At this rate, I'm just hoping that whatever summer job I can land can negotiate start and end dates around the research.

Ciao for now-