Jewmas Gratitude

Last year, I had a bona fide Christmas miracle in which I went from waking up to getting on a flight to Fort Lauderdale in 30 minutes. This year, I had a few other things worth appreciating on Christmas Day, which I wanted to share, since I haven't written on this blog enough during this exceptionally busy month.

1. Getting my first full-day, outside-of-bakery hangout with JD, involving making banana-walnut-chocolate-chip French toast, molded truffles, and popcorn balls
2. Having HP up to Boston for the second time in a year
3. Bringing these two friends from two different spheres of life together and seamlessly of Vietnamese food in Chinatown.
4. Preparing for the arrival of TFC and making his first trip to Boston an exceptionally memorable one
5. Getting little bursts of texts wishing Merry Christmas from old friends and other awesome people I didn't know at this time last year (but who have made my life and times in Boston that much richer and more interesting).
6. Breaking out my inks, stamps, and embossing powders for the first time in months to make pretty, unique journals and stationery.
7. Not being at the Matzo Ball last night and waking up well-rested and warm without having to make a 6AM flight.
8. Not working and barely moving today but doing my absolute best not to beat myself up over it
9. Finally watching the Beyonce album
10. Christmas concluded, I get to look forward to New Year's Eve.

With that, happy holidays!